"around the clock" by Peter Skvara, "hypno fancy" by Evan Crown, "funny guy" by Riley, "signs" by HK

and finally... That's All, Folks! Don't Forget to Tip Your Waitress!

This Friday!

"Join us for a three dimensional freak out of color, form and material. Walk the isles of a hand-made grocery store created completely out of paper, shoot hoops on a 3 story high basketball net, or just sit down at our collage table and create some work of your own. After the opening and subsequent hangover, come back on July 25th for an art-making BBQ throw down as we combine our creative energies to make collages which we will hand-deliver for free to the people walking around this great city. So drop on by, check out some good stuff and make some of your own. We will have magazines, scissors and glue on hand but feel free to bring your own collage materials to throw down."

Participants: Chris Roberson, Emily Clayton, Dr. James Harry Ewert Jr, Rod Hunting, Adrianne Goodrich , Peter Skvara, Chad Kouri, Matt Nicolas, Jim Kozar, Ed Marszewski, Ben Speckmann, Sarah Jeziorski, Richard Smith and more. Audio collage performances by Le Deuce and Rik Shaw.


Brought to you by Chad Kouri and Dr. James Harry Ewert Jr.

from Pete.


"Magically Real" by Carl Aagesen


International Youth Poetry Slam Festival
July 14-19

Kevin Coval hosts the finals at the Chicago Theatre (175 N State);
anyone under 24 gets in for a measly $8 to see young folks from "over 50 cities".

Friday July 17 @7 check out Saul Williams and Alix Olsen at "Bringing the Noise" at the Merle Reskin Theatre 60 E Balbo $10.

Life is Living
feat. Beau Sia & Saul Williams.
skating, basketball & soccer, dance battles, graffitti.
FREE Claredeon Plaza (at Montrose), Saturday July 18 10am-4pm

Semi-Finals at the MCA, Columbia, Chi Pub Radio HQ, & Biograph Theatre



Chicago NOW Open House

Saturday the 11th (that's today, kids). "A celebration of feminist art." featuring music by Rachele Eve (5pm) and a reading by Daniela around 4pm at the EP theatre. FREE BOOZE.


Who Owns Chicago Poetry?

a certain unnamed party has been harassing another unnamed party regarding ownership of this phrase. I'm not gettin into this one (check daniela's blog entry a couple weeks ago if you're interested, the hate sites are pretty fucked up) but i gotta ask:

how can you own chicago poetry? that belongs to all of us, man. that's like asking who owns this city. this is our fucking city. fuck daley and all.

Last Nite at the Mutiny

i miss walking down Western Ave in Logan; Carl, Rob, and a coupla other guys usta have a house down there, which was frequently haunted by whiskey ghosts from other planets who liked to dance and break the furniture. this path i've treaded many times, even barefoot over broken glass caterwauling beatles tunes with Oem, a noisy, dirty, buzzing, laughing street, passing Arturo's, the ice creamery, the flag store, the neon store, the spy store (where Carl's spit is on camera file) down to Fullteron and the big ol' Old Style sign marking the Mutiny. I ditch my tallboy and walk in without any hassle, the doors playing and somebody who should've been wearing a sailor hat shooting pool. At the back of the club on the low stage Baby Tornado is gearing up. tired from work, I sit on the floor in front of the stage.
Carl screams and makes faces like an ancient evil alien ghost clown, dancing around in his loafers and nerd-o sweater like yr drunkard old man after a week neglecting his psychotropic medication.
Baby Tornado played pretty damn hard for a mystical alterverse connecting rod. Rob destroyed the drums, drunk and fulla rage, then switched with Ryan (who is not an accountant but a spook for wind-power in high tops who kicks ass), grabbing the gee-tar and turning his back shy.
"Sometimes There Are Bats Everywhere."
people dancing and passing around pitchers in the swarming black of the club (broken only by the red splash of the Helter Skelter 'giny pisser). the speakers ripple an aneurism through my ribs. a lot of people in this room seem to be missing chunks of koolaid hair & sporting sleeves of violent ink.
at the break we flood out onto the street where the owner keeps count of who's outside and keeps trying to shuttle us all back in when we're done with our squares. this is necessary because folks don't seem to want to go inside, they wanna talk loud and jump into old friends and shake off the sweat in this wierd July cool (Al Gore has been notified). Back inside, People Sometimes is playing, Watman is screaming and shaking wet hair on the crowd, and the lead guitarist takes the mic and and brings it down into the crowd. the crowd calls to the drummer, "take off your shirt!"
"I'll take my right shoe off".
i missed most of Tea Party's set in quest of pizza; they kept the frenzy building up to Roche Moche. everybody went nuts, man- stripping off clothes, pogoing and dancing and trampling in one big sweaty lektrik body.
after the show we went to a dying party and laid out on the roof. the guy who lived there was convinced we were comin down from acid.


Roche Moche, People Sometimes & Baby Tornado Thursday

with Tea Party at the Mutiny.
2428 N Western. 9pm


Five Broke-Ass Tunes

for all the hurtin artists out there:

(1) Busted - sung by Ray Charles and Johnny Cash. Written in 1962 by Harlan Howard, a farmboy from detroit. About a hard-luck farmer whose crops are failing, hens wont lay, cows go dry. "My bills are all due, and the baby need shoes...the county's gonna haul my belongs away, cuz I'm busted". He can't get money from his brother and fears he might have to steal or move on and try to find work elsewhere, "but I'll make a livin', the lord only knows, cuz I'm busted".

(2) Mercedes Benz -sung by Janis Joplin, a piece of song recorded in a playful, joking manner that parodies the greed of the American Dream and the shame and isolation of modern American "poverty" -not having a TV, a cool car, or any money for drinks, workin' hard with "no help from my friends".

(3)I Spent TheRent -by the Queers; a 30 second, 8 word song about spending the rent money and saying fuck it. sometimes sung in a fake British Accent.

(4) Steak 4 Chicken -Moldy Peaches. an overlapping duet with some really funny, crazy lines: "Mardi Gras, came and went, all my money has been spent /how'm I gonna pay the Rent, sittin on your face. who mistook the steak for chicken, who'm I gonna stick my dick in?"

(5) Ma & Pa Poorhouse Blues -Ma Rainey & Papa Charlie Jackson in a simple, moving, moaning, uplifiting, painful, funny old blues song, "bein broke's alright, when you know you got some more money comin' in, but when you lose your money, that's when friends chip in..."

honorable mentions: "Spoonful" Howling Wolf, "Rock Bottom" Eminem, "Diamonds & Gold" Tom Waits, "Polly Put the Kettle On" Sonny Boy Williamson.

Columbia Poets: Where Are They Now?

where to read kick-ass poetry

Burdock looks good. so does 11 11. of course ACM kicks ass all over town. Andrew's bludgeon chapbook is pretty much the shit. i highly recommend reading anything Flynn writes, especially on acid. Dolly's shit is sharp and funny as hell. dunno these other kids so good but then you'll havta read it to find out, eh?

Echo Report

echo report

2009 New World Order Contestants


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