Wine & Cheese Social

So Stephen's reading last night was amazing. Thanks to anyone who came. Sorry to anyone who didn't. If you did miss it . . . Fear not then poet! The next event is on its way . . . No way! When!? Friday, August 1st What!? Really? Yes, really. 1328 W 18th St. Apt 4R (Red Floors) 240-298-6367 Does it cost money? Yes, it does, $5 bucks all proceeds go to the magazine! NOBODY WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING IN THE WORLD EVERYONE COME AND DRINK WINE WITH US WE ARE CLASSY, INEXPENSIVE, AND VIRTUALLY UNEDITED (that means groomed...) we love you. i love you. you love you. i love it. you love it. we love it.


Stephen @ Elbowing Off The Stage TONIGHT

come represent! Elbowing Off The Stage presents: Stephen Dvorak & Gregory Kiewiet
in Summer Run, a poetry reading When?!
Monday, July 28
7:30 p.m.
Manhattan’s Bar
415 S. Dearborn St
(312) 957-0460 who again?
Stephen James Dvorak is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago, and is now an MFA candidate at the University of Miami Florida. He has worked as an editorial assistant for the Columbia Poetry Review, and is currently an editor at Elephants. His works have previously appeared in Elephants and the Columbia Poetry Review.
Gregory Kiewiet received an M. A. in English (Creative Writing) from Wayne State University in 2001 and a B. A. in Art History and English from Oakland University in 1995. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Works has appeared in mark (www.markszine.com) Dispatch Detroit, and Graffiti Rag, among others. His book of poetry, In the Company of Words, has just been released from Past Tents Press (www.pasttentspress.com).


Submit to Elephant 3!

Elephant is pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions for Volume 3: Immigrants. Send us any poetry, flash fiction, or artwork (1 page or less please; artwork should be about 5 by 8, or half of a regular 5 by 11 page) relating to the concept: "where are you from?" You can talk about your ancestry, your hometown, or your alien reptilian forebearers. All submissions should be sent via e-mail to elephantzine@gmail.com. Deadline is November 1st.

Also: the website has been launched! thanks Daniela! The address is: elephantzine.weebly.com/


Open Meeting Saturday

There will be an open meeting on Saturday at my place, get in touch with me to attend. byob and byop*. Logan Square, 7ish. we're going to talk about the zine. -HK



Elbowing off the Stage

Stephen's reading has been moved to the 28th.

Elephant Party- WELCOME HOME JOE!

Fourth of July, 9pm Catch & Joe's Amazing Roof 1328 W 18th St CELEBRATE THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF OEM! Fireworks, liquor, & good times in Pilsen. Catch & Joe just moved in so mind the boxes. Last Pink Line train is at 1:14 a.m. First one after that is 4:14 so make sure and arrange your transport/crashing accordingly. No door fee. Donations requested. BYOB.

Welcome to the Elephant Blog

Hey kids, HK here, and here we have the very awesomely fabulous first post! huzzah!