Wine & Cheese Social

So Stephen's reading last night was amazing. Thanks to anyone who came. Sorry to anyone who didn't. If you did miss it . . . Fear not then poet! The next event is on its way . . . No way! When!? Friday, August 1st What!? Really? Yes, really. 1328 W 18th St. Apt 4R (Red Floors) 240-298-6367 Does it cost money? Yes, it does, $5 bucks all proceeds go to the magazine! NOBODY WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING IN THE WORLD EVERYONE COME AND DRINK WINE WITH US WE ARE CLASSY, INEXPENSIVE, AND VIRTUALLY UNEDITED (that means groomed...) we love you. i love you. you love you. i love it. you love it. we love it.

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Thanks for writing this.