The Socials Mi Chouchou

Thanks to everyone who read, painted, sang, danced, or mingled at the social, it was splendid. "The evening was all of chitter-chattering art-this-art-that. A mental eruption of our jabber clack. Uproarious poetry at intermittent strokes brilliance. No one eager for egress, wine not yet fully downed, the poety bunch trudges home on avenues of a fresh perspective. The paintings come down but then again when do they not? Fresh submissions are required. Servitude to art extracts longing desires. We to gather in this together. " Work hard artists and poets, we love your work and we'll see you next month at the Red Floors Gallery. It is our hope to continue this poetry and art event each month to continue the tradition of impromptu artistry via mind expanding soirees. Also, look forward to a featured reading Open Mic @Subterranean-- They said "Bring the poets," we said "We got 'em." Coming to you in September. http://www.myspace.com/subtopenmic And maybe you'll even catch us in a zany secret: Représentation pour le public!

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