"yellow" by Ike Floor, "elephant" by Glen, "weed" by Catch, "alien" by Riley Crane, collage by Jess Rose

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Joe Bly (pt. 2)

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Joe Bly (pt.1)

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3 Drafts by Daniela Olzewska, collage by Joe Bly

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Some of the poems in this gallery are by poets previously featured in elephant zine. Check it out!

Issue no. 2, page 1: "thief" by Evan Crown, "fuck yeah" by Catch, and "bringing you" by Ike Floor

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Issue #2 Online!

The elephant zine staff has decided to make the zine available online! Check back for a weekly page-to-page view of issue number 2!


Happy Martin Luther King Day

I have a dream

JR is repping us in D.C. tomorrow at Obama's inauguration.

goodbye georgie bush!


Wicked Alice!

check it out

thanks Daniela!

Elbowed Again- Feb 2nd


a c o mm u n i t yr e a din g se r i e s


Andrew Terhune, David Trinidad, & Jan Beatty

Monday, February 2


1278 North Milwaukee 4W

a few blocks North of Ashland

(blue line -division stop)


Tell yer friends.

youtube poetry is good times!

I don't understand the words, but this is beautiful to listen to, and cool video clips too! : Ethiopian poet

also, this one's funny: beau sia wants a job in hollywood!

this one is kinda mean but funny& kinda badass


martian law

if you haven't yet, check out carl's collaboration typewriter pages blog:

"This is the maximum collection of semi-anonymous pages done in the flurries of a high fever. The authors may not know who they are."

martian law


new activity!

since this wintry weather isnt that conducive to wheat-paste, i've posted a new, indoorsy activity to the web site that involves amphetimines & Ronald Reagan's face (thanks, glen). enjoy!

happy collab show

there is an art show at the happy collab space comin up:

Starts at 7:30pm January 17 2009 1254 N Noble, First Floor Chicago IL 60642



joe in japan

From the Red Floors Blog:

"...I will be making a report of my wrongdoings ;) ;) ;) I am going to visit the Imperial Palace East Gardens, a beer museum, the Harajuku arts fest (probably a few times), Shibuya, Roppongi (the international district, this place isn't even Tokyo even though it is in Tokyo, all sorts of crazy internationals, 20-30 year olds for the most part, like spring break every night + 400-500 yen drink specials, + sneaking a flask in, I'm so there), as many art museums as I can find in other areas, some chillax parks, an onsen (japanese mineral bath house--so relaxing), a massuese I pray to god soon, and with a budget of 6000 yen a day (w00t, i saved up!) I should be coming home with plenty of money to spare (I only spent 3500 yen today including snacks I haven't eaten yet, a great dinner (some type of fried potato thing? what turned out to be like little mini chicken wing things? what turned out to be tempura chicken, totally thought that was a veggie too, btw did I mention it is really hard to eat vegetarian here because you can't understand a fucking thing that is going on?"

joe in japan