Stephen @ Elbowing Off The Stage TONIGHT

come represent! Elbowing Off The Stage presents: Stephen Dvorak & Gregory Kiewiet
in Summer Run, a poetry reading When?!
Monday, July 28
7:30 p.m.
Manhattan’s Bar
415 S. Dearborn St
(312) 957-0460 who again?
Stephen James Dvorak is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago, and is now an MFA candidate at the University of Miami Florida. He has worked as an editorial assistant for the Columbia Poetry Review, and is currently an editor at Elephants. His works have previously appeared in Elephants and the Columbia Poetry Review.
Gregory Kiewiet received an M. A. in English (Creative Writing) from Wayne State University in 2001 and a B. A. in Art History and English from Oakland University in 1995. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Works has appeared in mark (www.markszine.com) Dispatch Detroit, and Graffiti Rag, among others. His book of poetry, In the Company of Words, has just been released from Past Tents Press (www.pasttentspress.com).

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