Some issues of Elephant 2 seem to have gone out with the wrong pages attributed to the wrong people. or the right pages to the wrong people? anyways, some of the pages were wrong. If you are looking at a page that has a boob on it and empty captions on graph paper, that is Jess Rose. If you are looking at a page with a lot of crazy signs collaged together and the words "there's a lot to do in life", that is Peter Skvara (with art by Evan Crown ((teepee)) & Riley Crane((little furry alien dude))). Sorry, folks, we are but mere meat puppets, but we will try and be more like our glorious robot overlords in the future! If you spot any other errors, please let us know! Update: to address any problems people might have just reading the shit, we have created a full credits page here: http://elephantzine.weebly.com/v2credits.html

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