Vaginas on Parade! *

*(penises & ambiguous genitalia, too, Oh My!)

Tonite: Chapbook Party!

Starring Switchbackers Hanna & Bex, come to an after-hours BYOB Poetry Read at Dollop Cafe. Should be goin til the wee hours.


another upcoming event (from VERBATIM):

[VERBATIM is the newly founded Columbia College Performance Poetry group, headed by Faith Rice and Jacob Olson. rumor has it you'll be seein some guerilla action from them, to which i'm sure they'd love to invite participants, at Manifest, Columbia's end of year Art Fair.]

"On national tour, powerhouse slam poets Andrea Gibson, Tara Hardy, Denise Jolly & Sonya Renee (all poets with awards & titles from the slam circuit) bring their poems of release, revolt & redemption to the Columbia stage. This verbal quartet will storm, sing, slam, and sling salt into the eye of all that has ever silenced voices meant to be heard."

Tuesday, March 17 * 5:30pm - 7:30pm * 731 S. Plymouth Ct.

(yes, it's St Paddy's Day, and what better way to celebrate yr Irish Heritage than drunkenly listenin to some kickass women spit poetry atcha?)


speaking of genitalia, get ready for this year's GenderFusions 5 in April, which may or may not feature some sweet poets of elephantine origin, but will most DEFINITELY feature some awesome drag queens, drag kings, and performance pieces in praise of gender (and sexual) diversity. Details TBA.

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