Roche Moche!

Roche Moche will be playing at the Elbo Room tomorrow nite starting at 9pm. Roche Moche means ugly rock, fronted by a screaming sweatin gothish girl who draws fragile psychedelic francophone bird skeletons on windows and wears a giant woolen hat. I saw them at the Mutiny and nearly creamed my pants. It was like what I always imagined bikini kill to be like, only with a more sophisticated musical what-have-you swirling through my brain and bleeding eardrums, sort of pumpkins-esque I guess, I didnt take all those fancy music classes.. I couldnt understand a damn word she was saying but I felt it, man. here's how they promote themselves on the facebook you damn kids love so much:


This wednesday may 27th at 9pm see roche moche and other great local acts perform awe inspiring and panic inducing incantations and wavical acts of symphonic schismogenesis right before your tender eyeballs and earholes. bring a friend to dance with and clean up your blood with. watch benben the circus shim eat a footlong hotdog in less than a second. other weird and mysterious acts sure to happen or not. go green and shit with new reusable toilet paper and barfbags. stop spreading disease by wearing gloves anytime you touch another human being. stare into space and think about how we are better than antimatter. cant have the life you dreamed of as a stupid little kid? take someone elses. free advice administered daily. no guarantees. make sure you quit that job and dump that lover and start over. work hard for a promotion and finally pop the question to your sweetheart. "high school was the best!" he said and rolled off the side of the bed. et cetera"
GO TO THIS SHOW! yea, okay, it does cost money and is at a bar but you will fucking thank me.

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